Dear Colleagues and Participants,

On behalf of our organizing committee, it is our great pleasure and honor to invite you to the 11th Annual Congress of International Ethnobotany Symposio, which will be held in Antalya, Turkey hosted by Paloma Renaissance Resort on November 2-5, 2013. The congress has been supported by the University for Peace Foundation of the “International Ethnobotany Symposium” in Costa Rica, 1999. This international symposium will be the 11th of the series. On this occasion, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the President and all members of the Foundation for giving the honorable opportunity to organize 11th International Ethnobotany Symposium in Turkey.

The conference was held periodically in Latin America, gathering a vast collection of papers, contributions and memories on the various fields of Ethnobotany and allied disciplines. It is our great pleasure to organize this special international symposium in Antalya/Turkey in 2013. Although the symposium emphasizes “Ethnobotany and allied fields”, the conference will be a real environment for scientists and participants from all over the world working on the related fields. Hence, the 11th International Ethnobotany Symposio will constitute a global platform open to all researchers of any nationality, who would like to present their relevant studies as well as to build new collaborations and friendship among participants.

Turkey, as a country where two continents (Europe and Asia) meets, has a great biodiversity possessing approximately 12.000 plant species, 30% of which endemic as well as an interesting fauna depending on location are surrounding three different seas. The conference location, Antalya (ancient Pamphilia), provides special additional cultural merits as well as natural beauty. Antalya is also a conference center and holiday resort, and is called as “Turkish Riviera” on the coast of Mediterranean sea. So, we are happy to invite all participants to meet in this amazing area.

Ethnobotany, a newly –emerged interdisciplinary research area between social and natural sciences, looks into relationship between mankind and plants. Turkey, a country with a history of almost 8000 years and many civilizations, has a rich traditional knowledge and practices on the sustainable use of biodiversity. Moreover, the research results of ethnobotany have proven the solid foundation and wide application of the traditional knowledge.

The conference will cover the topics of folk traditions, archaeobotany, palaeobotany, geobotany, history of medicine, ethnomedicine, ethnomedicinal approach to modern primary health attention, ethnopsychiatry and with emphasis on ethnopsychiatry (environment, therapies), plants and global warming, sustainable development in ethnopharmacology, traditional medicine, medicinal and aromatic plants including cultivation, processing and conservation from the past to present, natural product chemistry and biological activity, plant biotechnology will also be among the topics which will be focused on in the conference. The conference venue is the Convention Center of Paloma Renaissance Beach Resort / Antalya-Turkey.

In this congress, the program includes plenary and invited lectures by many eminent scientists from around the World. We have also special effort to bring young researchers from different developing countries, and from different regions of Turkey. Furthermore, we will have also organized many social programs for the participants to have a good time and relax after the intensity of the day sessions with live music performances, folkloric dancers and tasting special Turkish cuisine. We are most fortunate to have generous support from many national and international organizations and commercial enterprises.

As a final word, we aim to have an effective and fruitful congress with the hope to refresh our professional knowledge and also have a good time together and we look forward to welcoming and hosting you all in Antalya/Turkey on the occasion of the 11th International Ethnobotany Symposio on November 2-5, 2013. In advance, I would like to extend my thanks to all my colleagues who will attend the symposium, for their great interest and support, and we wish you pleasant times and hope that you will Antalya with wonderful memories.

We look forward to your participation and contribution for a successful conference.

Yours Sincerely,

Assoc. Prof. Alev TOSUN
Ankara University
Faculty of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmacognosy
Chairperson of the 11th International Ethnobotany Symposio